Thursday 17 January 2019
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Identify the Common Indications of Foundation Problems with your Building

When you build house for your family, you have many dreams attached to it. That is why you spend on the best material and infrastructure. It becomes really disheartening when you see damages that need repairing. Negligence can lead to greater expenditures. We often tend to ignore small cracks on the walls and dampness in basement thinking that this might be a small thing and would not harm much. However, these small cracks with excessive pressure tend to increase into bigger holes and dampness slowly turns to moss, which leads to bacteria and germs.

The most important thing in a building that needs immediate repair is its foundation. A foundation can get damaged due to soil beneath it. This means that the soil was not settled properly which leads to uneven structure of the house. This can happen due to many reasons, out of which one is moisture that expands soil when gets wet and shrinks after drying.

Depending upon the type of damage, your foundation repair cost is determined. The finest way to determine the cost is by getting it inspected by a foundation contractor. Regular inspection can help in building a strong foundation.

Here are some common damages that can indicate you that it is time for repair –

  • Damp and leaking basement with bad odor and mold growing every corner.
  • When cracks occur in basement it leads to dampness and moisture. These cracks allow centipedes, bugs, termites, silverfish and other insects to enter.
  • When soil shifts beneath the floor it leads to uneven floor. This leads to excessive humidity through cracks and water gets accumulated at one place which further increases to seepage.
  • Cracked walls happen due to hydrostatic pressure and bad water drainage system.
  • Due to cracks, doors and windows get crooked. This happens when the soil settles and also because of moisture in basement.

All this happens due to many reasons. For example, when rain or drainage water doesn’t drain away properly it collects under the home which creates problems in foundation. Due to leaks in sewer lines and broken water pipes, interior areas get moist. This not only wets soil beneath but also increases your water bill. Most importantly, large trees grow roots under the home in search of water. This not only damages your water pipe, but also loosens the hold of the soil.

All these years you have been thinking about these problems to be minute, but after reading this article you would now understand its importance, so get your house repaired immediately.