Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Are You Ready to Re-Roof Your House?

When your roof is leaking or defective, you cannot call your house a home. In fact, your house is incomplete if the roof is not in good condition. That is why you need to make sure that this covering is in good shape so the remainder of your house stays in good repair. If the roof is leaky or missing a tile or two, it can lead to structural problems that can affect your home’s operating costs.

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By finding out more about re-roofing your home, you can gain a better perspective about what it takes to maintain your roof for a longer time. You should have your roof checked at least once a year for structural defects that include the ridgeline and flashing. By having a thorough assessment made, you can stay on top of any possible roofing problems.

When you are ready to re-roof your home, contact a local roofing contractor that enjoys a good reputation in your community. Review the testimonies of satisfied customers to get a better idea of the type of service and products the roofer provides.

One of the best roofing products offered today is slate. This type of material lasts a long time and gives your home the stability it needs. You can obtain a free estimate for slate roofing online. Whilst you may pay more for a slate roof than asphalt roofing, you will also enjoy a product that is more resilient. Asphalt shingles can easily be ripped off during a storm. Slate roof tiles, however, have a better performance record in this regard.

Types of Slate Materials

Slate comes in various styles and kinds including Welsh slate, Spanish slate, Canadian slate, and composite slate tiles. You can also choose from the Monier brand of elemental tiles. Choosing any of these products will benefit you as they can be installed without too much difficulty and accommodate various roofing and architectural styles.

For example, you may be interested in a composite slate roof. This product is an ideal option to natural slate as it is a low-maintenance roof material that lasts as long as 30 years and still renders the look of slate.

An Array of Colours and Designs

Maybe you are interested in Canadian slate. If so, you can choose from various colours of slate. This type of material makes it possible to add a roof that is not only robust but impressive to view. Spanish slate roofing is yet another choice that you want to consider. Whilst top asphalt roofs last about 25 or 30 years, Spanish slate roofing lasts four times longer or about 100 years.

Welsh slate is a popular choice in international circles. Renowned for its high quality, this slate is the slate to choose if you want to invest in slate. Once you choose a slate roofing product, you will need to check the contractor’s services. Slate roofing specialists that offer all-inclusive services, such as NSW Slate Roofing, can assist you with slate repair and undertake projects that involve roll top ridges and hips in both copper and lead. They also can take care of diminishing slating and provide roofing for porches, lean-tos, and gazebos.