Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Create a Vintage Atmosphere with Wall Tiles

Decorating your home or business often brings out creative ideas. You may have certain colours or artistic items that you would like to add to the area. Some accessories may also inspire you to decorate with a certain era in mind. Vintage looks have remained popular for a long time now. There are many aspects that make a vintage look possible. You may need to renovate the building to get the complete look. Wall tiles are one accessory that can be added to the room to bring out a variety of time periods.


If you are planning a vintage look in your home, you can easily start when your home is being built. The kitchen area is a popular place to add vintage décor. It does not take a lot of demolition to do something small, such as the wall tiles. If you want to achieve a more detailed vintage look, add a breakfast bar. Many old-fashioned restaurants have bars to eat at. You can bring this look to your kitchen on a smaller scale. The stools, food canisters, and cookware can all be purchased in vintage styles. A main difference in tiles from different time periods is often the colour. Popular colour themes can be seen throughout history. Even the dishes from certain decades represented the popular décor colours of that time period.


Restaurants often adhere to a theme. Sometimes, this theme is a time period. Restaurants that focus on the 1950’s are popular in many places. The American style theme of this time often used bright red, black, and turquoise blue. Pink and black décor and clothing also prevailed. You can add a vintage style to your restaurant with federation tiles. You go further back and enjoy a more antique look with velvet furniture and floral tiles, as well. You can create any design you want with the addition of vintage tiles. You can even add them to a modern restaurant setting to create a classy atmosphere.


You can meet with a professional to help you figure out what may look best in your space. You may be presented with several samples and photos of spaces for inspiration. You can also explain your ideas to a professional and see what they come up with. The tiles you choose for a vintage look may have artistic designs. Homes of the past had more colours and patterns than modern homes. They were more decorative as opposed to today’s minimalist look. You can arrange the different types of tiles in different ways to create your own unique design.

When it is time to redecorate or renovate, go ahead and try that vintage look you have been thinking about. You can have a business or a home that keeps people talking. Many people enjoy the search for antique items to add to their collection. Your kitchen at home can be an ongoing project. A business, such as a restaurant, is a great place to decorate with items from the past. Consumers may enjoy stepping back in time for the night. Create your look by consulting with a professional tile company.