Monday 25 May 2020
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Different Choices of Hedges for Your Garden

Hedging plants are versatile enough to be used for a number of different purposes. Most home owners feel that hedges are expensive and tough to maintain, which is not the case. Unlike a concrete wall or other steady decorative items in the garden, hedge plants are interesting and add plenty of style and aesthetic appeal. In this post, find some of the best ideas for using such plants for your garden.

Hedges for Your Garden

Make the most of thorny shrubs

Hedges that have thorns are the best choices for homes that have unexpected trespassers, escaping pets and unwelcomed critters. Just like any criminal would think twice before crossing a barbed fence, he will also have doubts about trespassing thorny hedges. You can check with to find the best choice for thorn hedges, which aren’t particularly expensive.

thorny shrubs

Designer with flowering hedges

Flowering hedges can be costly, depending on the type of the plant and availability. While choosing flowering plants, make sure that you take the blooming season in account, so that you can plant accordingly. The soil type also has a major impact on the overall growth, which should be considered.

flowering hedges

Add a fence with evergreen hedges

Evergreen hedges are known for the green blanket they offer for homes and properties. Such plants are planted in a trench around two to three feet apart from one another. Laurel, privet and leylandii are common choices, and the costs are dependent on the nursery. Make sure that you look for professional help with planting, and some varieties can grow fast, so pruning is also a thing to consider.

evergreen hedges

The weather of your area and the overall cost of maintenance are two other things that matter in choosing hedges. Make sure that you opt for the varieties that serve the basic need, such as fencing, windbreak and decoration.