Monday 18 March 2019
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Making Sure Your Home and Property Is Drainage Friendly

When you own a home, it’s important that you look after and maintain it properly. You could have all the best intentions in the world to look after it, but if your garden is not well drained, you could have some real problems!

While it’s true that water drainage on a property is not something people dedicate a lot of thinking time to, it’s actually a very important part of landscaping and looking after a garden. In fact, professional landscapers themselves make effective drainage solutions a key part of their service whether you are aware of it or not as a homeowner.

Home and Property Is Drainage Friendly

The Importance of Good Drainage

Good water drainage isn’t just something that gardeners need to watch out for. It affects every property, both domestic and commercial. This is why numerous reliable and reputable drainage stores exist, such as By offering a wide range of products, including but not limited to piping, waterproofing products, underground drainage systems and building drainage systems, they serve a very specific but very important need.

Effective drainage is important for the following reasons:

  • Cracks and damage: When water pools around a building because there is no effective drainage to remove it from the area, it can cause damage to concrete paving, pavements and the foundations and walls of a building. Remember that roofing also needs an effective drainage system installed, otherwise the water will cause damage in the form of leaks, cracks and holes.
  • Injury: Pools of water can be a potential slipping hazard and cause injury or worse.
  • Pests: When water is left to pool, it can attract pests such as mosquitoes. Around a home, this can not only be annoying, but can also be a potential health hazard as some mosquitoes carry viruses and other diseases.
  • Infestations: When water has caused enough structural damage to the building, it can result in holes and cracks that are large enough for pests such as mice, rats and insects to enter. This can become a prohibitively expensive exercise in pest control.
  • Unsightly gardens: If water is left to sit on surface soil, it can cause plants to rot and mud to form.

Home and Property Is Drainage Friendly1

Water is effectively drained and carried away from a property via the following methods:

  • Rainwater hits the roof and is then carried away by effective guttering that connects to drainage pipes
  • Water can run away from gardens more effectively through drainage systems. Drainage systems for gardens can involve underground piping and porous soil that is able to carry away excess water
  • Water that is carried away from the property by effective drainage systems does not pool long term around outside walls, on pathways, or on paving and other areas

Make Sure You Have a Good Drainage System Installed

If you are having issues with water that is pooling around your property, it might be good to invest some time and money in drainage experts. When a home features good drainage systems, maintenance becomes easier and the value of the property is more effectively maintained.