Sunday 25 August 2019
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Solar Power Influences Buyer Behaviour in a Big Way

Just like everyone else, Australian like to save on energy. People residing in South Australia, however, have taken a proactive stance. The South Australian government if giving homeowners a cost break with the unveiling of its Home Battery Scheme – an initiative that is valued at $100 million. This scheme encourages South Australians to buy environmentally sustainable solutions through low-interest financing and/or direct subsidies.

What You Can Receive in a Subsidy

In turn, homeowners can install new solar panels and other clean-energy accessories. For each solar battery purchase, homeowners receive a $6,000 subsidy. If you are a South Australian homeowner who wishes to take advantage of the home solar battery scheme in South Australia, the time to act is now. Subsidies will drop as time goes on. Therefore, it pays, literally, to act fast.

To take advantage of the programme, homeowners must hire a qualified provider to install the batteries for solar panel use. The state government prefers homeowners choose a provider that regularly contributes to the economy in South Australia. Only qualified businesses can provide customers with the confidence they need to ensure their battery systems meet the government’s criteria.

Checking the Safety Aspect

For a battery system to qualify for subsidisation, it must be dependable and safe – able to provide energy to a virtual power plant. To claim your subsidy, you need to go on the provider’s website and fill out your contact details. Doing so will make it possible for you to obtain a quote and reserve a spot in the home battery scheme. If you have any enquiries before you begin, simply call the provider at their number.

If you want to make sure you reduce home electrical use, you need to contact a home battery installer right away. Make sure the company has a good reputation in the sector, and that it clearly supports the home battery scheme’s initiatives. If you do not want to continue paying high electrical prices, you need to learn more about the benefits of going solar.

Even if you already have a solar PV system, you can add the battery. The battery is designed to work separate from the current meter. When the meter detects any exportation of energy, it tells the battery to store the solar power.

What Happens If the Battery Stops Working?

If the battery is not working as it should, an automatic notice is delivered to a technical team. In turn, the technicians repair the issue remotely or onsite. Usually, premium solar batteries today are warranted for 10,000 cycles or a period of 10 years. Make sure the battery that you select comes with this type of guarantee.

Today’s batteries charge and discharge, as required. Therefore, high-quality batteries can be used when it is cloudy or during the night. Batteries always recharge when the sun comes out. A fully charged battery usually runs out of power just before midnight. This number is based on the use of a standard 4 kW battery. The average home uses about 20 kWh daily. Batteries today are smart batteries. Therefore, they fully charge before redirecting the excess power to the grid.