Monday 25 May 2020
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What You Need to Know About Installing a Timber Deck

If you want to enhance the looks of your outdoor area, all you need to do is install a deck. A timber deck made of a quality hardwood melds in well with the natural surroundings around your home. Indeed, timber is a good choice as it can be easily incorporated into any outdoor living space. Because timber is both durable and impressive, it is the ideal solution for an open space design.

As you know, living in Australia can place some harsh demands on the exterior of your home. Hail, heat, and sudden storms can lead to permanent damage, especially if you do not install premium materials. That is why it is imperative that you use a solid decking timber in Perth. Doing so will provide exceptional results to any climatic activities or threats. By choosing the right hardwood for your deck, you outdoor area will always look its best.

Quality Timber

When you choose to install a deck that is made of quality timber, you will find that the maintenance and cleaning is minimal too. Because hardwood has a universal appeal, it will increase the value of your property. Most decking materials are featured in both international and Australian hardwood species. The decking can be constructed to spec for most hardwoods. Also, you can choose from narrow or wide boards.

Today, most homeowners are choosing wider boards as they give a new look to the traditional slim-board design. In addition, the wider boards nicely show off the beauty of the wood. Amongst Australian species, you can choose hardwoods such as roasted Victorian ash, spotted gum, stringy bark, or tallow wood. Favourites such as jarrah and black butt are also available.

Amongst international hardwoods, you can choose woods such as merbau, batu, coconut, and kapur. Property owners also like woods such as keruing or keketong. All these woods are inspected for quality before they are featured for sale. Therefore, it pays to work with a dealer that only offers woods of the highest quality.

Composite Decking

You can also choose composite decking or a wood pulp composite (WPC) as a decking solution for your outdoor area. This type of material is manufactured using a mix of ground wood particles that are combined with a heated thermoplastic resin material. This type of selection is sturdier than wood as it will not corrode and is exceptionally resistant to decay, rot, or borer attacks. This type of material is considered sustainable, as it is produced from recycled plastics and waste products from wood.

Therefore, decks made of WPC are another popular choice in Australia as they are both durable and eco-friendly. Whatever choice you make, one thing is for certain; you will never regret your decision about adding a deck to your home.