Monday 25 May 2020
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Why Plant A Palm Tree In The Garden?

A palm tree can be a great addition to any garden. It is the perfect tree for humid Australian summers and has a lot of advantages over other types of trees.

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This guide highlights some of the best reasons to plant a palm tree in the back yard.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other trees that require a lot of pruning or watering all year round, a palm tree is relatively self-sufficient. It does not need a lot of watering as the roots are capable of sucking up moisture from even the driest of deserts. Palms are extremely tough and are not afflicted by many of the diseases and fungi that afflict other trees. This means that instead of spending precious time looking after the trees, people can relax in the garden.

Extremely Tough

Palm trees are incredibly resilient. This means that they can withstand storms and heavy rain which might cause other species to topple over and cause damage to the garden, or even worse, the house.However this can make successful palm removal in Perth quite difficult. If there comes a time to get rid of the palm tree then it is a good idea find a reputable company to dig out the roots and to remove the stump.

Extremely Versatile

Because palm trees are a desert plant it means they can thrive in almost any climate. From coastal regions to mountains, palm trees are able to grow in a wide variety of settings and temperatures. This can be useful if there is a big discrepancy between the weather in the summer and the conditions in the winter

Palms are also very good at growing in all manner of soil types with different consistencies and PH levels. Sandy soil is the best habitat for palm trees but they have also been known to thrive in the likes of clay and peat bogs.

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Extremely Valuable

Having grown to full size, palm treats become very valuable and can be resold for thousands of dollars to botanists, landscapers and other homeowners. Since palms are so easy to maintain, it could be a good idea to grow several and then resell them once they reach maturity.

Easy To Grow

Because palm trees require such little maintenance and care, it makes them an ideal choice for even a novice gardener to grow. Creating an attractive oasis of palms is very easy. Exerting just a little bit of effort on the trees can bring great satisfaction in the long run.

Lots Of Variety

It may seem from watching films set in tropical locations that all palm trees look alike, but this is simply not the case. There are over 2,500 different species to choose from all with distinctive characteristics. Planting several varieties can create a great deal of diversity in the garden.

Given the advantages of planting a palm tree, this could be the perfect solution for anyone wanting to liven up the garden with a tropical twist.